Summer time is in full swing! Birds are singing, barbecues are grilling, and friends are on their way over to your house for the ultimate backyard soiree. Keep guests of all ages entertained throughout the day with this simple but fun vintage ring toss game. Bonus points: you get bragging rights for creating the whole game by yourself! 


  • Shallow Wooden Box 
  • Several clear, empty wine bottles (as many as will fit in your wooden box) 
  • Chalk paint in a variety of colors 
  • Paint brushes 
  • Colored masking tape 
  • Multi-purpose rope 
  • Sand Paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Hot glue gun (optional) 


  1. Collect clear wine bottles (with labels removed) and make sure that they fit evenly and comfortably in your box. 
  2. Paint each wine bottle with the chalk paint. Bottles can all be painted the same color if you’d like, or switch it up to make the game more colorful! 
  3. While the paint in drying, cut the multi-purpose rope into equal-sized pieces, approximately 4 inches long.  Cut as many pieces as you’d like, as these will become the rings in the game! 
  4. Take the colored masking tape to tape the ends of each piece of rope together to make a loop. You can also add a dab of hot glue for more security if you’d like.   
  5. Once the paint on the bottles are completely dry, use the sand paper to gently sand down the paint, giving them a more vintage look. 
  6. Place all the bottles back into the wooden box, gather up your rings, and get ready for some fun!