We know we don’t have to threaten you with a good time! Any party animal knows that you really don’t need a reason to party other than to celebrate life with people you love. That being said, it definitely helps to convince everybody to come out if you have a great motive for your get together. So call up your party people, send them a sweet Evite, and put one (or all) of these excellent excuses to work! 

Throw a party when...

  1. You just picked up the perfect bottle of wine.   
  2. It's National Taco Day (which is October 4th, fyi)  
  3. Your favorite celeb couple just had their first baby.  
  4. You successfully make it through your work week. 
  5. The groundhog doesn't see his shadow on Groundhog Day. 
  6. Daylight Savings gives you back that much missed hour of sleep. 
  7. It's International Sweatpants Day (a dress-up party your guests will love!) 
  8. You've successfully harvested all of the crunchiest fall leaves into the perfect jumping pile for all the neighborhood kids. 
  9. Your spouse is  having their half birthday. 
  10. Netflix releases a new bunch of your favorite rom-coms. 
  11. It's the anniversary of the day you got your pet. 
  12. The moon is full. 
  13. You have successfully mastered bean dip, tapas, a Julia Childs recipe, or any other delicious food. 
  14. Spring cleaning is (finally) over. 
  15. The Game of Thrones finale is on. 
  16. Your diet is officially over. 
  17. Your mom/sibling/aunt/dentist finally figures out Facebook. 
  18. The tulips you planted are in full bloom. 
  19. It's National Wine Day (and time to break out some Cavit!) 
  20. You just really, really want to.